Your first task is to make sure you use a company that will protect your interest. Almost all Business’s prohibit leaving any vehicle parked on a private property too long.  Usually there are local ordinances that need to be followed.

Tip Towing will not only keep you in compliance, we protect you by contacting the proper local law enforcement agency prior to towing if required.

We will enforce the standards that our clients have regarding disabled vehicles (those that are immobilized, flat or missing tires, or abandoned without your consent). Tip Towing will provide you with signs that keep your business up to code and serve as warning to the general public. Once you have the signs posted at your establishment or property, there are no gray areas to the public about “abandoned vehicles” or “disabled vehicles” left without consent. If you have a condo or planned unit development, Tip Towing will enforce your homeowner association’s Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) on the subject. All at no charge to our customers.


Jimmy Guy Properties
Compare Foods
Express Mart/Shell station
Economy Inn
Brookwood Inn
Red Roof Inn
Regal Inn
Nu & Minh Inc ( N.Tryon Properties)
North Tryon Auto Mall
Atlantic Properties (South Park)
And numerous single Commercial Properties in and around Charlotte

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